Acquisition due diligence is necessary to understand real estate purchases and certain leases. Many real estate investors and occupiers coordinate their own diligence efforts, including interpretation and synthesis of data along with brainstorming property strategies.

Why Us

SAA has the expertise and experience to provide a client with a practical and useful evaluation. We achieve this by understanding the client’s needs and goals, representing the client in the gathering, analyzing and interpreting of the relevant data and identifying feasible and appropriate strategies for value creation by addressing the risks and opportunities identified in the evaluation.

How We Do It

Experienced acquirers of real property recognize the need for thorough investigation of all aspects of the property prior to committing to any transaction terms and conditions. The due-diligence process serves two main purposes from the acquirer’s perspective:

  • Identifies and exposes potential defects or conditions that could increase risk or potential costs for a future owner.

  • Informs the acquirer’s negotiation strategy with detailed information concerning the property’s history, soundness and suitability or adaptability for future uses.

What We Do

  • Property Acquisition

  • Portfolio Strategy

  • Property Development Strategy

  • Project Concept, Design, Entitlement

  • Project Financing

  • Project Development Management

  • Property Operations

  • Property Refinancing

  • Property Divestment