• Leadership

    An inspirational, civic-minded group who uses their training and experience to generate a shared vision for success.


    SAA provides business driven design solutions to meet our clients' objectives.


    Provide integrated design services to all commercial real estate markets through artistry and savvy.

  • Erica Zuniga


    "I enjoy the challenge of matching a business need with an artistic and functional interior space. I continue to look for smart, educated, innovative and creative solutions for the ever-changing demand for real estate."

    As a Principal, Erica has an acute knowledge in all areas of the commercial real estate and design process. Through direct involvement in our firm and the real estate community, Erica keeps the pulse on client concerns and market demands. She has a proven track record of managing large real estate transactions in Orange and Los Angeles counties, which has positioned her as an irreplaceable asset to our clients. Erica approaches challenges head on and her personable and spirited demeanor are forefront in all interactions.

  • Vatche Daldemian

    Principal, Managing Director - Culver City and Downtown Los Angeles

    "Unless you see the problem through the client's eyes, you can't come up with the best possible solution."

    Vatche has worked with Nelson Algaze for over 27 years and has been with SAA since its founding. Vatche's steady demeanor and clarity have earned him tremendous respect in the Real Estate and Construction industries. He has successfully completed many of our more technically complex projects. Vatche has a natural talent for spotting prospective industry trends and incorporates this way of thinking and approach into our office culture.

  • Stephanie Crane

    Principal - Real Estate Due Diligence

    “One of our clients affectionately termed us ‘The Laser Squad’ and will only move forward on a new acquisition after our team has measured the building during their Due Diligence period. He knows how important it is to get real square footages as well as recommendations and strategies for maximizing the building's value.”  

    With extensive industry and effective project management experience, Stephanie has expertise in all areas of design as well as the real estate lease transaction.

    Stephanie is proud to say that SAA is branded as a firm that's easy to work with, noting that the firm has worked hard at simplifying the design process for everyone on the project team. That, combined with real team collaboration, is what she believes makes a successful project. What delights Stephanie is her enduring relationships with some of our best clients.

  • Nelson Algaze


    "I’m here to service our clients. I want to make a city the hippest and best place to be, one building at a time."

    With over 30 years of industry experience, Nelson has made a commitment to innovation and authenticity in his approach. His personal portfolio includes corporate designs that have been described as innovative and timeless. He encourages everyone at the firm to "Design Think", which can be described as the overall vision of our company: To provide business-drive design solutions with artistry and savvy. He understands how to make a good company. He invests in our people and has a strong interest in professional development in his role. His energetic personality and down to earth attitude weaves enthusiasm and transparency into all interactions, highlighting his passion for the company, our employees and clients.

  • Danna Sigal


    “I went to college to become a Renaissance woman, not an architect, designer or business leader. So learning about my clients and their businesses, what makes them tick, how they delight customers and how they change the world, that’s what thrills me.”

    Danna builds and inspires teams to deliver value-driven design solutions, fueled by over 20 years of commercial, hospitality, institutional and residential experience. Integrating lessons from her entrepreneurial practice and corporate design experiences, she brings her unique business savvy to clients and colleagues. Danna holds a Bachelor of Arts from UCLA and Master of Architecture from Yale University and is an award-winning, tree-hugging, dance-loving Licensed Architect and LEED BD+C accredited professional.

  • Anne Algaze

    Principal, Managing Director - Irvine

    "Architecture has always been in my blood. From the moment I could hold a pen, I was drawing and it still holds true today. Simply put: I love what I do."

    As Principal and Managing Director of the Irvine Office, Anne is a highly valued resource for clients throughout southern California and has become known as an expert in owner and occupier representation. Anne's extensive expertise in the commercial real estate industry enables her to provide savvy business-driven solutions for our clients. Her deep-rooted industry knowledge, paired with her charismatic personality, team-player mentality, and focus on solutions enables her to be a dependable leader who gets the job done with strength and efficiency.

  • Rick Shlemmer

    Principal - Studio

    "My philosophy is derived from a desire to identify and resolve core business issues with a personal approach to design."

    A Southern California native, Rick draws on 20 years of experience as an architectural business owner. He oversees complex Studio projects, as well as internally works with our Studio team to explore ways of building a deeper understanding of project requirements. As an artist as well as an interior designer, he has created world-class interior projects for landlords, building owners, corporate offices, high-end residences, retail stores and hotels. Rick's design solutions reflect a strong sense of function and creativity.

  • Mike Takaki


    “I believe in the value of relationships. I view every client relationship like a partnership, and truly believe that our success is a result of their success.”

    Mike’s individual attention to each of our Practice Area’s process has created an ease of use for our clients when it comes to the financial components of each project. His strategic thinking about constantly improving customer satisfaction and personal assistance comes from years of advanced training, technical experience and financial acumen. He is also an avid and very experienced fisherman and we believe this interest has attributed to his calm and approachable demeanor in all situations.

  • Tom Haggerty

    Managing Director - New Jersey and New York

    "Curiosity is the key for me. Learning about the client and their business compliments the design process. When decisions are made with the correct point of view, the overall project gets better."

    Responsible for our east coast offices, Tom takes a hands-on approach with both SAA’s staff and projects. With a background in construction management, in house facilities and design, Tom assesses projects from several viewpoints. This exposure allows him to become completely immersed in the process and work with a sense of ownership, developing an understanding of what it is that each client does so he can apply his versatile skills to better each task. Tom’s combination of warmth, humor and intelligence lets him lead by example and he quickly becomes a trusted resource to our staff and clients.

  • Mike Gion


    “I am delighted with the culture and business approach of the #SAAFamily.” 

    Michael leads SAA’s Real Estate Advisory Services where he works with both investor and occupier clients to provide deep, industry-specific insight for full-cycle real estate ownership and operational concerns. He joins SAA with experience in key roles from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms and through those cumulative experiences, Michael has come to value group culture above all else.

    Michael understands that many of SAA’s clients relate to our firm as a trusted advisor, not simply a design resource. They all have one thing in common: Real Estate. The ownership, operation and/or occupancy of this real estate involves much complexity beyond the design of the built environment. Michael's role at SAA aligns with the firm’s commitment to expanding technical expertise to maximize effectiveness and value as a trusted partner across all aspects of the “science of place”.

  • Jeff Browning


    “I have always been fascinated with building things- from Legos, model trains and Erector Sets to forts, sand castles and skateboard ramps.  Though the materials have changed, and the projects have grown, the excitement is still there.  I was born to be an architect.  My goal is always to use my skills to create something beautiful, solve problems, meet the budget and satisfy my clients.  I am thankful for every single opportunity.”

    Jeff leads SAA’s residential discipline and brings 30 years of practice to the team along with his contagious enthusiasm, sense of humor and a genuine passion to help clients and team members. 

    Born and raised in the South Bay of Los Angeles, his zest for surfing, music and architecture developed at a young age thanks to the influence of his family of artists, builders and thrill seekers.

    Jeff has a wave of experience in residential, industrial, commercial, hospitality, music venues, bars and restaurants. What fuels him is the why: His family. Which is why he feels honored to be able to create spaces for individuals to live, grow and raise their own families in. Connecting with clients on an emotional level and infusing fun and play into the designs is a favorite part of his job.

  • Chari Jalali


    Chari is responsible for the overall design philosophy of project work. She collaborates closely with all project teams and our SAA clients to assist in conceptual design and creative design solutions.

    Creating spaces where individuals and companies can pursue their passions and achieve their dreams brings her the greatest joy. To Chari, a fundamental part of design is designing thoughtful environments that are sensitive to enhancing the human experience.

    When Chari’s not bringing excitement and expertise to projects, she enjoys traveling, biking and spending time cheering her son on the basketball court. She has completed multiple century rides, biked from San Francisco to San Diego and has also biked all through Barcelona and up to the France!

    Chari’s leadership constantly encourages others to maximize their full potential. She brings exceptional design expertise and has delivering some amazing projects to our clients!

  • Erin Miller


    “SAA values their people and you feel it! Everyone is a vital, respected part of the firm.”

    SAA’s service offerings have grown over the years. The measurement of space was one of those items and Erin has been our expert in that area ever since.

    Erin enjoys mentoring her team and sharing her expertise in a field. Erin strives to make the topic of area calculations interesting and exciting by educating others to understand the effect that space accounting has on the real estate transaction process and the ability to maximize equity investments.

    Erin’s expertise and the practices she has put forth in the firm has made her a fearless leader, an innovative partner and mentor to teams across all SAA offices.

  • Brian Erlinder


    “At the heart of every organization, service or product is a unique story and I find it endlessly fascinating and rewarding to partner with clients to explore and strategize how best that story is told” 

    As principal of branding and signage for SAA, Brian brings over 20 years of experience developing strategic brand identities, marketing communications and experiential branding programs (signage and graphics) for clients aimed at leveraging their authentic story as an organization to the greatest possible effect.

    Brian’s work has been recognized and featured by industry peers including AIA, IIDA, Communication Arts, Graphis, HOW, Interior Design Magazine, the Chicago Architecture Foundation and more. He has partnered with clients around the world from a broad spectrum of sectors including real estate, tech, science, healthcare, education, not-for-profit, sports and finance on projects small as small as a single logo to fully immersive brand experiences in international corporate headquarters for fortune 500 companies.

  • Rick Pullen


    "As leaders in architecture and engineering, we have the privilege and responsibility to create spaces that inspire, heal, and uplift communities. By embracing innovation and collaboration, we can design environments that not only meet the needs of today but also shape a better future for generations to come."

    With 35 years of design and construction experience, Rick leads our Advanced Technology and Life Sciences Practices, driving innovation in these critical areas. As Managing Principal of our Engineering Group, he oversees a team dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions for complex projects.

    Rick’s portfolio includes innovative and award-winning projects, including high-rise buildings, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, sports arenas, and data centers. His expertise and leadership have earned him a reputation for excellence.

    Passionate about mentoring the next generation of architects and engineers, Rick actively shares his knowledge to foster continuous learning and growth. His commitment to promoting technical excellence extends to the broader design community, where he is recognized as a thought leader and advocate for innovation.

    Under Rick's leadership, our Advanced Technology and Life Sciences Practices and Engineering Group are well-positioned to deliver innovative solutions that meet clients' evolving needs and drive positive change in the built environment.