Los Angeles, CA

Housed in the Wells Fargo Center on Grand Avenue and the Gas Company Tower on 5th street, SAA conceptualizes one of six vertical environments for potential tenants in a spec suite design competition event hosted by Brookfield. SAA has pulled from our collective industry expertise to design this progressive workspace for a boutique hedge fund. With Downtown Los Angeles becoming a revitalized urban center, this type of workspace will highlight the opportunity business owners will have to move their companies to a rich cultural environment and redefine the concept of flexibility and collaboration in an office.

SAA's design solution for a boutique trading and investment firm is a delicate balance of classical form, baroque decoration, and minimalist design. The deep purple a traditional color expressing wealth; the classically detailed conference room door, Italianate wallcoverings and stylized chandelier over the bar. Our references to myth--the Goddess Fortuna as represented in art--set into a minimalist, abstract environment is a world of magic and commerce.


Under 10k SF