Santa Ana, CA

SAA’s Specialized Projects Group was provided a final plan prepared by this medical device manufacturer which indicated final equipment location, process flow, ancillary support areas, etc. for their new 45,000 SF facility. After reviewing the plan we believed we could develop a more efficient layout and approached the Client with our conceptual ideas. Based on their highly aggressive schedule the Client initially determined they could afford the time. Being their advocate SAA was able to convince them the time would be well spent and highly beneficial. Through several of SAA’s unique Collaborative Workshops we were able to markedly improve the plan and process:

  • Improved overall utilization and efficiencies
  • Increased production equipment by +40%
  • Improved ROI
  • Reduced intra-process movements of staff and material
  • Developed linear flows
  • Reduced initial cost, conservation of capital
  • Improved future flexibility and growth

Through our planning process SAA added significant near and long term value by developing a better solution and higher utilization of their real estate. We interject our extensive knowledge and experience of process driven environments and value the insight and experience of the Client. Through this collaboration we believe the best solution is developed with a high degree of confidence. In fact Orchid ultimately realized they couldn’t afford not to take the time.