Pasadena, CA

Founded in 1963, Pankow’s strong legacy in the building industry pervades their values of safety, client service, integrity, passion, and innovation. The primary objective was to consolidate three separate offices into one cohesive corporate space that translates the company’s strong brand and culture. SAA facilitated the design effort as a member of the design-build team. Having previously occupied an antiquated space, Pankow desired fresh aesthetics and an environment that encouraged collaboration. Additionally, SAA designed a space that caters to an industry deep rooted in handling printed drawings. The new space is primarily open and brightened with pops of corporate colors, vinyl wall super graphics, enhanced lighting, and environmentally sensitive material selections.

The unified design of Pankow’s workplace leverages their corporate culture to connect employees with the values of the company, thereby communicating a clear image of the brand both internally and externally.



Under 10k SF