SAA Downtown LA

Los Angeles, CA

The SAA team was challenged to develop what was essentially an under-utilized area of the lobby in an iconic building in Downtown Los Angeles and re-imagine it into a creative workplace. To address the challenge of an untouchable granite façade, a large freestanding kiosk was built to house all shared spaces, including conferencing, work room, galley, and library, enabling a clean field of view from all exterior vantage points. The structural engineers designed a shear wall system to realize this kiosk while meeting the stringent California earthquake codes. A sleek, low profile benching system was implemented to maximize efficiency, openness, and promote collaboration.

The project managers masterfully coordinated the efforts of an extensive team of architects, engineers, and contractors who all worked diligently, decisively, and cohesively to successfully design and build the project in four months.

IIDA / Calibre Award 2012 Extra-Small Office


Under 10k SF