Stadium Gateway Fitness Center

Anaheim, CA

Charged with designing a ‘crown jewel’ amenity for the property, Lincoln Property Company hired SAA to create a one-of-a-kind, fitness center destination in their Stadium Gateway property that would satisfy tenant demand for wellness centers and could be featured prominently in marketing, as a free, premium, membership quality amenity to existing and potential tenants.

SAA services included a full architectural remodel of both the fitness center and locker rooms, signage and environmental graphics that brought to life the client FITness brand identity in the physical environment for visitors and users of the amenity.

Graphics solutions were created in a kit-of-parts fashion, that could easily and cost effectively be implemented in other properties in the future.

Fixtures and materials that conveyed the client’s goal of a high-end, hospitality look and feel for the space were prioritized along with sound absorptive materials that provided additional acoustical privacy for gym users as well as surrounding office tenants