El Segundo, CA

Wpromote, an online marketing services company, relocated their corporate headquarters in El Segundo, CA. SAA designed a two floor office space with a ground floor communal kitchen and open play space. This relax area opens directly to the outdoors, equipped with vegetation, seating and a bbq. The goal was to create an environment that parallels the culture of the company. The majority of the square footage on the first floor was used to create the open food and socializing area, connected to conferencing and collaborating space via large garage doors and maximizing the density of the workstations on the second floor. By laying out the catering and prep areas in the kitchen appropriately, SAA designed eating areas that could be used for small, one-person seating or expanded to a thirty-person entertaining area. A combination of benching and small breakout and telephone rooms were designed to give each worker an opportunity to access privacy easily in a dense seating arrangement. Conference rooms were painted with whiteboard paint and adorned with the latest technology. SAA and Wpromote worked collectively through the process, as Wpromote had a vision for their new office that SAA was able to adapt and design attractively and cost effectively.

Adhering to budget was a main focus of the teams, so SAA utilized effective design and construction techniques to complete the project. SAA analyzed what areas were high cost and adjusted spending in other areas as needed. Because of this, Wpromote is able to enjoy a space that is worth much more than was spent to complete the project.



10k to 50k SF